OP Division 1970
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Personnel from the USS Hancock photo lab pose for a group shot.

Entire photo lab not present in photo.

Date Taken: 20 March 1970 Photograph by PH2 Praetorious

Front (L-R) PH3 G.A. Langley, PH2 D.Marcus, PH3 T.N. Ludden, PHAN R.T. Gonsalves, PH2 B.L. Benet, PH3 G.L. Osborne, PH1 J.D. Callison, PH1 T.G. Alsop, PH1 R.H. Miller, PH2 C.R. Pfeiffer.

Back Row (L-R) AA J.A. Pingel, PH3 L.A. Howe, PH2 F.J. Hawks, PH3 K.R. Dean, PH1 G.A. Worthington, LT. A.R. Thompson, PHC M.T. Postolan, PH2 T.S. Aubry, PH3 R.J. Foster, PH2 S.M. Johnson, PH2 M.E. Mowbray.